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Slack, Shopify, Twitter… are now remote-first companies. Here’s why…

Several Silicon Valley giants are becoming to remote-first in the wake of COVID-19.

…have you ever heard this quote before:

“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” (Vladimir Lenin)

In 2020, Remote work adoption jumped…

Can’t wait to check out the list? Access it here 🙋‍♂️🙋

Are you ready for a change ?

In 2019, startup employees priorities are shifting.

Most of us want more from our jobs. For instance, being able to work remotely:

So, yes, we know how nice San Francisco is.

Thing is, not everyone can move to…

Ah bon ? T’es sûr(e) ?

Fais gaffe, tu pourrais un jour recevoir un e-mail qui dirait :

“C’est officiel, tu deviens manager : on te donne une équipe à gérer !”

Woah, ça serait une sacrée promotion !

Ton invitation pour rejoindre la conspiration des managers est là, juste devant toi.

Tu gagnerais bien entendu…

Picture from Hotjar’s Blog.

// This article is part a series of in-depth remote teams interviews. Also available: How To Get a Job at Doist!.

I’ve been willing to interview Sara for a long-time… She’s an awesome professional and Remotive community member who work at Hotjar.

Hotjar is a all-in-one analytics and feedback solution…

Illustration from Todoist’s blog.

I’ve always been a fan of Doist, a remote team of 62 working from 26 countries!

They built a healthy and fun startup culture that shines through their products (Todoist and Twist) and the way they communicate.

They walk the talk!

I also love their commitment to remote work and…

Illustration by Katerina Limpitsouni

Joe recently landed his dream job. Smart team, cool company, great pay — he was excited!

Two months later, Joe got fired. When I asked why, Joe said he had altercations with his boss.

His interviews went great. Then, the relationship deteriorated.

Communication broke, fights started. Finally, they couldn’t mend…

Picture by Bruce Mars

When was the last time your boss told you:

“Hey, listen, you messed up…”

It’s not a fun thing to hear… Yet, when it’s delivered with care, getting feedback makes us grow as professionals.

We’ve all been there, getting feedback can feel terrifying… Especially if you’re passionate about your work.

As a former Googler, I sometime commuted from SF to Mountain View.

The door-to-door journey took me (on average) 1.5 hours, each way.

That’s about 3 hours of my day spent commuting!

It felt like forever, mostly because it was:

Commuting 1.5 hours each way = 31.3 …

(Article mis à jour en Decembre 2018)

J’ai 30 ans, j’habite à Paris et j’ai fait une école de commerce.

Mes copains et copines de promo sont dans le doute. Ils me disent :

  • Presque dix ans que je bosse, mon travail ne me fait pas vibrer
  • Ma boss n’a…

Rodolphe Dutel

Founder at @remotiveio | Prev. Director of Operations at @Buffer

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