200 Startups Hiring Remotely in 2016

Rodolphe Dutel
4 min readApr 29, 2016

I started working remotely in 2014 and immediately loved it!

I worked in traditional offices for a few years before I decided to start working remotely: it has been both awesome and challenging!

Working from anywhere frees you from commuting, it also requires you to be organized and productive, everyday…

So, I created Remotive.io to share my thoughts and learnings, it’s now the largest newsletter on Remote Work.

In two years, we’ve connected with thousands of remote workers and hundreds of remote companies to create the largest database of startups hiring remotely!

We’ll also share the two trends on Startups hiring remotely in 2016 we’re observing.

Remotive.io gathers 20,000+ remote work worldwide!

Since 2014, Remotive has been featuring Startups working remotely and we felt like sharing our research with everyone.

We’re excited to share with you our Big List of 200 startups companies who are currently hiring remotely!

What’s inside the Database?

Over 200 startup are hiring remotely! Are you game?

We’ve curated 200+ Remote Startups, including the following details on each:

  • Company website & Twitter: You’ll get to check out startups in as much detail as you want!
  • Company Size: Nearly all listed companies are startups, we decided to add a few larger ones too, for good measure
  • A brief description: Browse through verbatim from various websites to get more familiar with them.
  • CEO Name & Twitter: One of the best ways to get to know a company is through following its founder(s)!
  • HQ location: Most startups featured are registered in the US, we’re also amazed to feature startups from another 20+ countries!

Two Trends on Startups hiring remotely in 2016

Learning more about over 200 startups hiring remotely is very insightful, here is what we see happening in 2016:

1. From Office Space to Office-as-a-Service (OaaS)

In 2009, a former colleague damaged her thumb due to BlackBerry overuse. It really made me think about how connected we were, and connectivity has only increased ever since!

Technology companies like Slack, Zoom, Trello and many others let us communicate and work from any device at any time.

We’re still able to catch a plane and host a face-to-face meetup to create rapport!

Given the high-level connectedness during work hours, remote tech cultures use to be always on.

An increasing number of startups are adopting a “work can wait” attitude during off hours to ensure team members maintain a healthy work/life balance.

2. Co-Living: From Livelihood to Lifestyle

Recently, Bloomberg highlighted an example of an ex-Google coder making twice as much after pivoting to the freelancer’s lifestyle.

The data hints at this being a microcosm of a larger trend: Co-living is on the rise!

One case to support this prediction is California-based company Outsite.co gathers like-minded remote workers in Santa Cruz and San Diego to “Get away, get focused: Stay, Work & Play in beautiful places”.

Another being WeWork (valued $16b), who is doubling down on WeLive, we’ll see co-living rapidly progressing in the next year.


Sharing strong values and meeting face to face regularly goes a long way to keep everyone involved and create an enjoyable remote team experience for all!

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Rodolphe Dutel

Founder at @remotiveio | Prev. Director of Operations at @Buffer