4 Weeks, 2,000 Subscribers:

How a Side Project Took Off!

(With a Nudge From Product Hunt! ☺)


Remote & Productive at the same time!

Thanks to friends & colleagues, my Medium article did well!

Yay, Medium Top 20!
Remotive Signup Page v.1

The first week

Do I enjoy this enough to commit 1.5 hour per week for (at least) a year?

Let’s start a weekly Newsletter about Productive Remote Workers!

The second week

Remotive Signup Page v.2

…Friends & co-workers helped spreading the word on Twitter…

Super cool to see some RT/Fav’ love on our first stats!

The third week

Monday, 400 Subscribers, yay!

Remote + Productive = Remotive.io

Remotive signup page V.3

Doing Customer Development

How could Remotive be helpful for its subscribers?

Capturing intent on the website

Using Typeform for Customer Research on the “Jobs” part

Manually emailing hundreds of subscribers

Gathering Insights in a Spreadsheet for Customer Research

Insights-based publication

Remotive’s initial categoies

Social is Key!

Adding a little Social love in my “manual email”

The Fourth week

Wow, getting your projet up on HN or PH sounds like fun!

…Wait, what? 20 more people just signed up! that’s cool and odd!

I quickly checked Hacker News & Product Hunt, just in case…

Woah, what to do?

MRW We Got Submitted on ProductHunt

…OK, let’s make the most out of this!

Skype, HipChat, Emails, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, gChat, #Nomad Slack and Google+ helped me reach out to my friends.

Doubling down on ProductHunt ranking!

The Product Hunt Effect

Just… 5… more…

The Day After

Getting featured on ProductHunt daily roundup email ☺

…We ended up growing 5x in 72 hours up to 2,000 subscribers in 700+ cities!

Hello Remotive Subscribers!

Thanks everyone that have supported us, rallied and subscribed! ☺

What’s Next?

Founder at @remotiveio | Prev. Director of Operations at @Buffer

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