5 Tricks to Get More Done While Working Remotely

In 2014, I became a full time remote worker…

Working from NYC

How can I be as productive as possible remotely?

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I’ve tried many different experiments to do more in less time this year, and I thought I would share 5tricks that became part of my routine.

1) Reducing the noise

Work & learn more by minimizing distractions

Since April, AdBlock blocked a total of 62,439 Ads for me: I just love it ☺

that’s blocking 300+ Ads everyday!

2) Saving instead of Clicking

“Hey buddy, you’re gonna love this article!”

Here’s an example: It’s Tuesday, 11am — I’m working away on a project, when Twitter prompts something of interest…

Oh, man, I’m interested! Let me just click and see what it’s all about…

…No, wait a minute, I’ve been in this situation hundreds of time: I’m about to click away and lose my focus…

3) Organizing information

“Yep, I saw that on her blog!”

I’m currently trying to shy away from Mainstream news to focus on content that really interests me ☺

Channeling RSS Feeds through Feedly
Buffer’s Campaign Scheduler

4) Keep on Learning

“You need to read this book!…”

If Warren Buffet can still make time to read, I figure I can do that too, especially when engaging in those longer commutes.

Watching videos at 2x speed — YouTube.com

Ok, that’s my kind of book! Now what?

Highlighting — kindle.amazon.com
Audible.com — Amazon”s audiobook platform

5) Concentration flow

How long should you spend on any given task?

I’m a big fan of allowing myself a given time box, say 20 minutes, to send an email or make progress on a project (like writing this article), it helps me spend the right amount of time on projects: no more, no less.

Timeboxing on Moosti.com
Listening to focusatwill.com

What changed?

Getting organized helped me being either on or off and reducing my “idle time”, while still learning new things everyday.

Tea time @ Samovar, San Francisco

What’s your balance?

Do you have any tips to share? I would love to hear how y’all get organized to get more done!

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Founder at @remotiveio | Prev. Director of Operations at @Buffer

Founder at @remotiveio | Prev. Director of Operations at @Buffer